Deciphering a Japanese hiking map

You don't need to read Japanese to be able to decipher a hiking map. However, if you decide to go on a hike on your own, ask for help from Japanese friends or staff at information booths. There are many parts of the Kumano Kodo which are somewhat unclear as to where the paths may be going.
Historically, throughout the 1200 years of pilgrimages, the paths have changed from era to era. The prefectural and local governments have made every effort to mark the paths clearly, but one can still stray off the path inadvertently.
Look at the following map and study how to use it. The Legend (8) has been translated into English to give you an idea of map marking.

Click on the map below to enlarge it.

(1)Shows the elevation of land, 0 meters being at sea level and 900 meters