What to Expect on a Guided Hike

A hike or walk with a guide enriches your understanding on many levels. Guides come from many walks of life and all ages. A guide's goal is to guide visitors (in our case, in the English language) and interpret the cultural, historical and natural heritage of an area with area-specific qualification usually issued or recognized by an appropriate authority.
Good guides are lifetime students of their particular field of expertise - continually studying for a deeper understanding.
Guides on the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes must have a grasp of history, the natural environment, literature, local legends, mythology, and the relationship of the fusion of religions. In addition, an ability to be a story-teller, a sense of humor, and a deep understanding of Japan are necessary. All these qualities are not enough though. A thorough knowledge of the trails and precautions for hiking as well as physical stamina are also necessary.

For a guided hike please contact us.

TIEGA guides are certified through
recognition of Wakayama Prefecture government. Tourism Bureau